Harrison & Cora | Beach Mini Session | Gooseberry Island Westport, MA

Beach mini sessions are coming your way! Get ready for an array of beach mini blog posts as I had four wonderful families book me for my August Minis!

First up - are siblings Harrison and Cora. 3 years and 6 months old. Yea, you can be sure some chaos ensued, haha! So many photographers (myself included) always post such beautifully posed and naturally smiling kid photos. And that’s great and all, but if only everyone saw the work that went into achieving those so-called perfect photos. Well, today my friends, I’m going to share some of those “blooper” photos with you! Don’t worry - mom and dad are more than okay with me sharing these. We all love them because they’re real life! Capturing real-life moments are just as fun as capturing those posed photos you’re going to send to the grandparents. These fun bloopers just show how young siblings act, and yea it’s a little chaotic, but it’s also really fun. You’ll look back on these photos and just remember how crazy life was when your kids were little. They grow up so fast. You blink and they’re starting high school.

Just remember to enjoy all aspects of life - the fun and the chaotic. One day, it won’t be there anymore.

I hope you enjoy today’s blog post! <3