Rising Tide Society | Tuesday's Together August Meetup | Providence, RI

Hello, Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your summer and enjoying life! This blog post is a tad different than previous ones. Why? Well, unlike my other blog posts being about client sessions, this was a session for myself and my creative community! I attended my first ever Tuesday’s Together Meeting with The Rising Tide Society last week, and I was the very first volunteer photographer to photograph the event.

Our community and participants in this photo: Jamal and Lashana (  Jamal and Lashana Photography ), Sarah ( Sarah Zollo Portraits ), Mary (  Key Moment Films, ), Brittney (  Brittany Leclerc Photography ), Jess (  Limitless Beauty by Jess Abreu ), Morayo ( Piper Brown Photography ), Christine ( eisley images ), Victoria ( Victoria Lyn Photography ) ,Kerri (Life Coach), Mallory ( Photography by Mallory )

Our community and participants in this photo: Jamal and Lashana ( Jamal and Lashana Photography), Sarah (Sarah Zollo Portraits), Mary ( Key Moment Films,), Brittney ( Brittany Leclerc Photography), Jess ( Limitless Beauty by Jess Abreu), Morayo (Piper Brown Photography), Christine (eisley images), Victoria (Victoria Lyn Photography) ,Kerri (Life Coach), Mallory (Photography by Mallory)

What is the Rising Tide Society? It’s a place for creatives and small business owners to rise together, doing what we love. Rising Tide has educational programs, guides and an online community. It’s about working together as a community to help each other’s livelihoods thrive. I love this concept, and am so thrilled to be part of it now! #communityovercompetition ⠀In-person meetups happen once a month, and are great for networking and learning something new and for meeting so many terrific new people!

I was so excited to join this meetup and To meet some other local creatives. I also was able to volunteer photograph the event, so it was a perfect way to break the ice (thank goodness for self-timers so the group photo could happen!) I can’t wait to attend more! ⠀

Interested in joining? There are over 400 chapters world-wide! Visit the Rising Tide Society’s website to find your local chapter to start making waves in your community. 🌊💙 Or, if you're local to Rhode Island - please come to a meeting with me!! All creatives and small business owners welcome!

Here is the Rhode Island local website: http://rhodeisland.therisingtidesociety.com/