Lola | 3rd Birthday Photos | Berkley, MA

Today on the blog, is Lola’s third birthday photos! I’ve been photographing Lola since she was a newborn! Actually, even earlier as I took photos of mom when she was pregnant with Lola! I can’t believe she is going to be three years old next month!

As a family photographer, I adore capturing families grow each year. Each year, we capture a photo of this family with their dog. I’ve captured it each year since the beginning, and I adore making a little collage of the photos! I’ve included it in this blog post so you can see.

I also love that I took these photos in Berkley, MA. I grew up in Berkley, so whenever I get the opportunity to go back, especially for a family photoshoot, I get stoked!

Every year, mom Kendra comes up with some fun idea for Lola’s photos. Last year, mom did the cutest tea party setup! See HERE for more! This year, mom did a Disney Princess themed photo shoot. I had no idea what the theme was this year until I got to the location. I was so excited! Lola had the cutest outfits too. For some more formal photos, dad wore a suit and Lola said “Daddy, you look like Gaston!” Which was the cutest thing ever!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this third birthday photo shoot!