C | Tulip Farm Mini Session | Wicked Tulips Farm Johnston, RI

If you saw my blog last week, you saw that I’m sharing blog posts from my Tulip Minis taken at Wicked Tulips Farm in Johnston, RI! Every Spring, I offer some type of mini session that usually takes places with flowers. My first few years, I tried hard to find a pretty flower field to use. I finally found a daffodil field in Dartmouth, MA. It’s a large field full of yellow and white daffodils. I’ve offered those for the past 4 or 5 years. If you want to see a sample of the Daffodil Minis, click HERE to see a post from last year!

Since I have so many regular clients that come back to me year after year, I wanted to offer something different this year, as most of my regular clients have already booked photos at the daffodil farm at least once. So, I decided to go with Wicked Tulips Farm in Johnston, RI. The tulips are GORGEOUS! And while they have a short bloom, I was so happy I was able to book a spot for my clients.

The one thing about this farm is that it gets VERY busy. It’s a very popular spot not just for photographers, but for visitors as well. They do offer a “show garden”, which is beautiful, but it’s open to anyone to take photos at. I offered the sessions on a weekday, but it was still pretty busy and very difficult to take a photo without anyone else in the background. I did my best though, and I think , my clients ended with some pretty gorgeous photos!

Now, I’m wondering which field to offer the Spring Mini sessions at next year! The Daffodil Farm, or the Tulip Farm?! What do you think?

This week, I’m featuring this adorable little lady. She was so cute frolicking through the flowers, and posing so sweetly for photos. I captured so many cute photos of her, of course I have lots to share!