Green Grotto Beauty | Dartmouth Small Business | Creative Entrepreneur Lifestyle Portrait & Product Photography


Green Grotto Beauty in Dartmouth, MA, was founded by Erica Clavin-Horvath who has been a professional in the beauty industry since 2010. Her passion for safer alternatives to traditional cosmetics developed while she was studying cosmetology at Upper Cape Tech in Bourne, MA. Erica and I first connected when I went to her studio for a manicure! I was so impressed that her salon is organic and vegan! It was so nice to know that there were no chemicals in her salon, and it was such a calm and wonderful atmosphere. I returned as a customer a few more times and got to know more about Erica and her business and we connected so well. I have always been fascinated by branding, and Erica and I connected over the value of visual imagery when it comes to up-leveling the overall perception of small businesses.

I’ve loved watching Erica’s salon grow and I love to see that Green Grotto Beauty is proud to be the first certified sustainable salon in the South Coast & Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. Green Circle Salons is a comprehensive re-purposing/recycling program that is custom designed for the industry. Because GCS researches the specific environmental impact of the beauty industry, they have created appropriate solutions to help us divert up to 95% of salon waste from landfills.

I love that I started off as a client, because I can comment fully on her services. I can say she has the most welcoming disposition and her studio space is instantly calming as soon as you walk in! As stated, I’ve had the experience of her manicures and pedicures and I next plan on booking her chakra balancing pedicure! I could sure use one of those and I can’t wait to experience it! I still remember how relaxing the experience was and how I never felt the slightest bit uncomfortable or self-conscious. If you love some self-care (you know I do!) you HAVE to get yourself an appointment with Erica!

This environmental portrait session we did together created the perfect imagery for Erica’s website, Instagram, online shop, emails, and more. Anywhere you market yourself, you can use your custom photography!

For Green Grotto Beauty, it was important to not only show Erica’s positive and calming personality, but also how soothing her space is and how beautiful her products are. She offers products that are clean, just like her salon. It was so wonderful capturing Erica and Green Grotto Beauty!!

If you’re tired of relying on selfies and smartphone photos to market your business and having an Instagram feed that looks all over the place, let’s have a brainstorming session (on me!) about how you can start making more money by making your business visuals work for you. Shoot me a message here!