C | Daffodil Mini | Dartmouth, MA

Another daffodil mini?!  Yes!  I had four wonderful families book these Daffodil Minis at the Daffodil Field located in Dartmouth, MA.  It's such a pretty spot, I love photographing here every Spring.  My only gripe is that daffodils blooms is very short-lived.  I wish they'd last a tad longer so I could photograph more families! 

This year, our "Spring" started off pretty rough.  We had snow, cold weather and lots of rain!  The weather was so bad I had to reschedule these daffodil mini sessions not once, not twice, but FOUR times!  That is the most I've ever had to reschedule one session.  Can you believe it?!  I think it was well worth it though, because when the photos did take place, the daffodils were in perfect bloom.  So, we honest and truly lucked out!