O Family | Christmas Mini Session | Keith's Tree Farm | Acushnet, MA

This is seriously one of my all-time favorite family photo sessions of all time! This Christmas Mini session I photographed of this little girl and her baby brother were just so much fun. Baby brother is very young, so we only got a few of him. Little Hadley stole the show! She has one awesome personality, and I totally captured this little one being her 💯 real self! I adore when kids let their true personalities shine - and the sillier, the better! It makes the session go by so much smoother, and everyone involved has a terrific time!! ⠀

So, parents, don’t worry if your kid doesn’t sit still for their “posed photos”. Not every kid wants to, and more often than not, I get some pretty awesome photos of your kids that you’ll treasure forever! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still try and capture some posed photos of your child sitting down nicely, but if they aren’t having it or only last for a minute or two, that’s fine! I love letting them run around. It allows them to have fun, and more often than not, they come and sit or pose on their own. Some kids just need time to open up and relax, and that’s okay! I’m a pretty patient person, and my goal is to capture you and your family with real smiles and laughs.

Enjoy all moments! Especially the silly ones. :)