M Cousins | Christmas Mini Photo Session | Acushnet, MA

Today on the blog are two super adorable cousins! I love when cousins come for photo sessions together, it makes for some fun family photos and I’m able to capture some different types of poses. You’ll see a good variety of poses from this family photo session!

Although this Christmas session was for the two children who are cousins, at the end of the session, the eldest asked for a family photo, since everyone came to help out. At first, I heard a few complaints like "We didn't dress for this!" But, the little boy insisted, and I'm SO glad he did! I lost my dad a few years ago, and I utterly regret not having more photos of and with him. As a photographer, I try my best to encourage more family photos - that includes family photos as adults! The kids are not going to look back at these photos and think about what you're wearing, they'll love the moment. Get in the photos! Your kids will appreciate it. 

You’ll see the full family photo I mentioned at the end of this blog, but here are my favorites from this session!