Elyse & Thomas | Wedding | Ballard's of Block Island | New Shoreham, RI

Wedding Date: June 4, 2017

Venue: Ballard's of Block Island

Today on the blog is the wedding of Elyse and Thomas! On June 4, 2017 I  drove all the way to Narragansett, RI and I took a Ferry to Block Island!   {Funny side note: while waiting with my car in line to get onto the ferry, who is next to me but the bride and groom! Ha!  I got to chat with them, and meet some of their family ahead of time.  It was nice!}

Not only was it my first time on Block Island, but it was my first island wedding!  I've photographed many weddings all over New England, including some down Cape Cod, but never on any of our islands.  So when I booked this wedding, I was pretty excited to get to the island!

When I first arrived, I arrived several hours early, so I explored the island a bit.  I took a walk around and came across the beautiful Mohegan Bluffs!   What a gorgeous view!  I could've explored the island all day, but I had to get to work!  Which in my case, work is really, really fun.

Check out some of the gorgeous views on Block Island! 

After my exploring around Block Island, it was time to head back to my hotel and get ready for the wedding!

I started with Elyse, the bride, getting ready in her hotel room.  Which, was pretty convenient as her hotel was Ballard's of Block Island - yes same as the venue!   I adored Elyse's gorgeous backless linen dress. It was the most perfect beach wedding dress I've ever seen!   

In the morning, the weather was bright and sunny and clear skies! As you can see in the photos above.  However, this is New England and the weather can change at a drop of a hat.  Rain was predicted in the forecast for later in the day, so we all hoped it would hold off until after the ceremony.  

After I finished with the getting ready photos of Elyse, I met Tom and we headed out to a spot he and Elyse chose for their first look.  I adore first looks, as it gives the couple a beautiful private moment together of seeing each other for the first time.  A lot of times during a ceremony a bride and groom are too far away from each other or someone blocks their view, so they aren't able to experience a "first look" that wonderfully.  These private moments are just the bride and groom, with me capturing their reactions first-hand.  

Since Tom and I got there a few minutes early, I took some photos of the nervous groom alone.  I don't often get to take them of the groom, so I had to gran a couple while we waited for Elyse to arrive! 

After the first look, I also took a few formals of the two.  We took more later on the beach, but I loved some of these as well! <3 

Elyse and Tom were married right on the beach, outside of Ballard's Inn of Block Island.  The rain did unfortunately start during the ceremony, but it was a light rain!  We all really lucked out this wedding day.  Their ceremony was just gorgeous.  There was lots of smiles, love, laughter and family.  Just perfect.  

Look at how adorable the flower girl and ring bearers are!

After the ceremony, we totally lucked out even more as the rain stopped!  We were able to get some pretty formals on the beach of the bride and groom.  And lucky we were, because as we were walking back to the hotel, it started raining! And the rain just grew heavier as the night went on.  Thankfully, the reception was indoors, but I can't believe how much we lucked out, weather wise!

And the reception! Let the party...begin!