Mia | Newborn Photo Session | Westport Newborn Photographer

I'm behind on blogging, as per usual! Haha!  I get so caught up in sessions and editing, that I forget to blog.  It's one thing I keep telling myself I want to be better at, yet here I am blogging a session from a month and a half ago.  Although, that isn't terrible for me! Usually I'm many months behind, so I should be able to catch up quickly.  *crosses fingers and toes* (yup, crossing my toes. Thank you, yoga! ;) ) 

Anywho, let's get on with the important part of this blog post!  Mia!  Today I'm blogging adorable little Mia's newborn photography session.  Mia's older brother, Zachary, and family are regular clients of mine.  I first met this family when Zachary was just 3 months old.  Zachary is now 2! I was so excited when mom, Kristen, contacted me and told me she was pregnant with baby #2!  I love when clients come back to when their family continues to grow. I adore newborn photo sessions so much.  It makes my hear so happy. 

Mia was such a little peanut!  She slept pretty well, and I was able to get some adorable photos of her.  She made my job of newborn photographer that much easier! Grandma and mom had a couple of props they asked me to use, and I obliged.  I love when clients have something of their own for me to use.  I think it makes the photos more unique and more them. <3  

I even managed to get some photos of Mia and brother Zachary together!  You never know how toddlers are going to be, but Zachary was sooo great! I think he's going to make for one awesome big brother.  He really seemed to love his little sister already.  It totally melted my heart. 

Here are some of my favorites from Mia's newborn photography session! I hope you enjoy these. Please feel free to comment below. I love comments! <3