Harrison | 1st Birthday Cake Smash | Grow With Me

I'm always amazed at how fast a year can fly by.  Whenever a client completes their Grow With Me sessions after a full year, I'm in doubt a year really just went by.  I always feel like I just photographed their newborn session, and then poof, it's a year later and I'm photographing their cake smash session. Time really does seem to just move faster as I get older, and I can only imagine how that feels when you have children.

Do you remember the Harry Potter newborn photos I took?  Well that same handsome boy just turned one years old..... See? I told you a year flew on by way too fast!  Harrison turned one on May 11th.  We had his cake smash session just a couple of days later, and boy was it adorable!

Harrison's mom and I went to high school together, so we've known each other for many years. When Shannon first contacted me about photographing Harrison's newborn photos, I was thrilled to see an old friend again!  Over the past year, I've photographed Harrison many times, and at a lot of milestone moments in his life.  I've been honored to do so, and I'm looking forward to continue photographing this family for many years to come. 

Shannon mentioned she wanted a luau/surf theme for Harrison's Cake Smash session.  It was the same theme as his birthday, and also of his nursery! I love it! It's not a theme I've photographed yet, so I'm always thrilled to do something new.  I contacted my cake baker Kristin of The Cupcakerie to bake the cake for me.  I told her the theme, and she exceeded my request, as always! I am always amazed at her talent on cake decorating!  Wait until you see this adorable cake. I made sure to include some adorable decorations, and some even Shannon put in from Harry's party.  It all came together very well!

Here are some of my favorites from Harrison's Cake Smash Session.  

First, I'm starting with a collage from all of the milestone sessions Harry had.  I love how each one depicts something along a babies first year of growth.  From sleepy newborn, to not being able to sit up yet, to sitting up on his own, to crawling, and to walking.  That's why I love grow with me and milestone photo sessions SO much.  Babies change a lot in their first year, and they also experience a lot of firsts.  Capturing them for my clients is something I just adore. <3 

At Harrison's cake smash session we started with some formal photos outdoors with Harrison and his mom and dad.  I always love to start with some formals, before the mess occurs. Hehe. 

And, now onto the Cake Smashing!