Daffodil Mini Photo Sessions | Parson's Reserve | Dartmouth, MA

Every Spring I offer Spring Mini Sessions at a new location.  I've been dying to find a floral field of sometime, and was finally able to find one last year!  So, this year I knew I had to offer Spring Mini Sessions at this prime location.  Where and what is this location you ask?  A daffodil field, full of yellow and white daffodils in Dartmouth, MA.  I fell in love with this field last year, and was so stoked to book my Spring Mini Sessions here this year.

My Spring Mini Sessions actually sold out completely this year, so I had five wonderful families come by.  It has done nothing but rain here in Massachusetts for the past few months, so I was a bit worried what the day would bring, to say the least.  I literally stalked the weather station and radar to see what the day would bring.  At first it said rain, then sun, and then clouds.  I was crossing everything possible to make sure we lucked out.  Daffodils have such a short bloom, that I was worried if I rescheduled, we'd miss the prime beautiful daffodil season.  

I arrived to Parson's Reserve in Dartmouth, Ma about half an hour early to scoop out the situation and see how the weather was.  It was indeed cloudy, but there was no rain so I went ahead with the sessions as planned.  My first family arrived early, and the day moved swiftly with the second family and the weather staying dry.  I held out hope all would luck out!  

The last two families arrived at the same time, and it started sprinkling.  I was fearful of it turning into a downpour, but we trudged ahead with the photos anyways.  Both families were patient and stayed.  Even though we got a little wet, we had a wonderful time!  All five of my families came away with some beautiful images of their children and family - despite the clouds and rain.  I'm so grateful I have such amazing photography clients who are wonderful with going with the flow.  In New England, you can just never predict what the weather will be like, and sometimes rain and be incredibly fun for photos! 

Here are some of my favorites from my Spring Mini Photo session at Parson's Reserve in Dartmouth, MA.  

First up is this adorable family!  I've been photographing them since mom was pregnant with their little girl - almost 3 years ago!

Next up is this mom and daughter, who are brand new clients!  I loved that mom made sure her and her daughter matched! How adorbale are their outfits?!

Next, is this adorable little boy, who is also a brand new client!  It was his first time having photos done, and boy did he love it!  He was laughing and smiling and just the happiest little boy I've ever met!  Such a joy to photograph! 

And lastly, another regular client of mine and mom and son! These two really waited it out in the rain for me, and I adore them for it! <3