Rice Family | Berkley, MA Family Photographer

Today on the blog, is the Rice family!  I love photographing large family portraits.  Most times, families stop getting family photographs taken each year as their children grow older.  So, you go to visit your parents or a friends home and all of their families pictures are dated.  I say we should stop that from happening!  I'm not sure getting them done yearly is for everyone, but I think we should try and take the time to do this.  It's important for children to have memories of their parents and grandparents throughout their lifetime and before, not scattered moments.  So, I'm always super happy when I get inquiries for family portraits such as this!

Diana contacted me about taking some family portraits. She has two adult daughters, one of whom is moving out of state so Diana wanted to be sure to get some taken before they leave.  Her eldest daughter, Alison, is and old friend of mine from high school!  Not only that, Diana lived and grew up in my hometown - what a small world!  It was great being back in the town I grew up in.  On the drive home, I took my time driving around and reliving memories.  

Okay, went off the tracks a bit there, haha! This blog is supposed to be about the Rice family, not a trip down memory lane for Mallory!  Apparently, I'm feeling nostalgic.

Anyways, we scheduled their family session and we were all excited for the day to come!  The weather looked worrisome, as it predicted rain.  The temperature was due to be warm, in the high 50s, so I held out hope for good weather.  We made a backup plan of indoor photos, just in case, but the day arrived and we lucked out!  It sprinkled a bit earlier in the day, but throughout the entire session it never rained, and it was a beautiful warm day!  We really lucked out!

Diana's two daughters each have one child, born about a month apart. What a way for cousins to grow up together!  So, I not only took some big group photos, but I was sure to take individual family portraits as well.  That's one thing I always include in large portraits like this!  It's always important!

I hope you enjoy these photos from this awesome family!  Here are some of my favorites!