Anthony and Ivy | Wedding | Fall River, MA Wedding Photographer

Wedding Date:  March 1, 2017

Anthony contacted me via email about his and Ivy's wedding about two weeks before their wedding.  He mentioned he found me online and loved my work.  They were to be married in a courthouse in Fall River, surrounded by their closet family members.  I love small weddings like this, and was excited to meet them.  We met for coffee the following week, and they told me all about their love story and how they met.  Their wedding was to take place on their 8th year anniversary of dating.  How perfect is that?!  Anthony and Ivy have three beautiful daughters, who would be included in the wedding.  I was so thrilled with this opportunity, and just fell in love with this couple! They're both incredibly nice, and I could instantly see how much they utterly adored each other.  

The day of the wedding came, and the weather looked iffy.  It was raining and a bit windy, but that didn't deter anyone!  Everyone was in terrific spirits.  I met Anthony at the Government Center in Fall River, MA, where the ceremony was to take place.  I've photographed weddings here before, so I was familiar with the area.  Ivy and their daughters arrived a little later, and it was time to get married!

Upstairs, in a small room, surrounded by their family, Anthony and Ivy were married.  There were lots of tears, smiles and love.  It was even hard for not to shed some tears, seeing and feeling how much love was in this room.  It was a perfect.

After the ceremony we were to take family portraits.  It was raining pretty bad outside and the wind had picked up.  While trying to find a place inside the Government Center to take photos, a kind gentleman came up to use and told us of a great spot up at the top floor.  He said there was a balcony that overlooked the city.  He even took us up there himself!  I only feel bad that I never got his name so I could thank him properly.  If he ever comes across this blog, I hope he knows how thankful I am for his kindness! 

The balcony provided a terrific spot for formals!  It overlooked the city, and was such a beautiful backdrop so we were able to get some great family portraits! 

After, Antony and Ivy wanted to get some outdoor formals, if possible.  We drove to a few places in the city including Ponta Delgada and Battleship Cove and were able to get some great outdoor shots!  You'll see below some, as well as a note about a special requested pose. ;) 

I hope you enjoy these favorite images of mine from their special day! Anthony and Ivy, I wish you the best and a lifetime of love and happiness! <3 



I don't share many silhouette photos, but every once in a while, a pose I take, I can just envision it in this style

Anthony and Ivy requested one photo in particular.  So, we drove to Ponta Delgada or The Gates of the City of  Fall River. At this spot 8 years old, not long after Anthony and Ivy started dating, they danced in the rain.  I think it was only perfect that it rained again today, so I could capture the now married couple, dancing in the rain.