Mrs. Nesbitt, Jessica & Eglantine | Pet Photography | Fall River, MA

Did you know that I offer pet photography?!  Yes, I do!  Whether it's a home session capturing your cats, or an outdoor park session for your dog, I'll be sure to capture some beautiful photos of your pet. 

After loosing one of my dear cats in July of 2015 to cancer, I realized I was so thankful I had taken some portraits of her with my big camera. I had tons of cell phone snaps, but the ones I took of her with my camera were obviously better quality, and allowed me to print a large canvas of her.  I wanted to offer the pet portraits, because I know so many of my friends and clients have pets they adore. Pets sadly leave us way too soon, no matter how old they live until. They take up huge places in our hearts, and I want to help capture some beautiful memories for you to enjoy for years to come.

Today I wanted to share some photos of my three cats I have, and tell you a little about them.

Mrs. Nesbitt is an adorable 7 year old little tortoiseshell cat, with gorgeous green eyes!  She's a little peanut, weighing only 7lbs, and feels like a forever kitten to us.  My fiance, Adam, and I adopted Mrs. Nesbitt in February of 2010, when she was just 8 weeks old.  She was such a little kitten then, but instantly took a huge place in our hearts.  

Mrs. Nesbitt loves to chase her own tail, her favorite toy is chasing string, her favorite food is tuna, and she has a bit of an attitude!  She can be cute and cuddly, then can get kind of moody, hahaha! She's really shy, and isn't too sure about new people. After we lost our cat, Mrs Nesbitt has become more scared around strangers, or even friends, but we love her and do what we can to make her feel safe.  She's become my best friend, and I adore her!

Jessica and Eglantine are twin sisters we adopted from a shelter in August of 2015.  It was two months after we had lost our black cat, Harley.  We weren't sure if we were ready for more cats, but we decided to go to a shelter and just look around.  While looking at some kittens, this cat reached out of her cage and bopped Adam on his head, haha!  That was Jessica, and we instantly fell in love.  It was like she chose us. We found out her and her sister were to be adopted together since they were so close, and so we took them both home. Honestly, I'm so glad they required they were to be adopted together! (You'll see why.)

Everyone always's asks where we got their names, so I figured I'd explain it.  Jessica is Jessica Fletcher, named after the TV Show Murder She Wrote.  Eglantine is Eglantine Price, named after the Disney Movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  Both characters were played by Angela Lansbury...can you tell we're fans?!

Jessica and Eglantine are inseparable and adore one another.  They are also the friendliest, nicest cats I've ever met.  I've never seen them get angry, and they love cuddling and meeting new people!

Jessica is super goofy and silly. She's always playing and getting into mischief.  Eglantine is more reserved, and her favorite is to cuddle with everyone she meets!  

We lucked out with these two, and they have fun with Mrs. Nesbitt!