James | Cake Smash | One Year Session

Today on the blog, is James' Cake Smash/One year session!  James' mom,  Jamie, and I have known each other for about 15 years now! (Are we really that old?!) We met in an online forum with young people who have glaucoma, which both Jamie and I have. After talking and connecting,  we found out we lived in the same town! How small of a world is this?  We met in person, and became fast friends. Over the years our lives may have gone in different directions, but we always managed to stay in touch. Fast-forward to 2014 when I photographed Jamie and her husband, Jason, engagement and wedding.  I was so thrilled and honored that Jamie chose me as her wedding photographer.  Seeing her so happy is amazing!  

Jamie is now an amazing mom to an adorable little boy named James.  He was born on February 26th 2016, so James is officially a year old! When Jamie contacted me about photographing James' cake smash session, she had a special request for his cake. 

When James was born, his mom brought this special outfit for him to wear as his first outfit. It was blue and had a lion's face on it, the same exact design as you'll see on the cake. An hour after he was born, it was confirmed he had cataracts in both eyes. That's when his mom started calling him her "little lion man" because she knew he'd have to go through some tough times in the years ahead, and it'd require him to be strong and brave, like a lion. Mom wanted a way to remember this special nickname, and requested the cake to be designed around the outfit.  When Jamie told me of her idea, my heart soared and I was excited to be a part of this special moment. 

Kristin of the The Cupcakerie, is my go-to baker.  She did a beautiful job with the design of the cake. It is spot on, and just perfect to what mom wanted.  <3

I have lots of favorites from this session.  James is just too darn cute!  I hope you enjoy!