Desmond & Eloise | Newborn Session | Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer, you never know when a baby is going to be born.  Trying to schedule sessions can be tough, as babies come when they're ready, but I work with the parents to ensure we are able to schedule their session just right!  Sometimes, babies like to come earlier or later than predicted.  These twin newborns came a lot sooner than anyone expected, so we were in for a surprise!

Desmond and Eloise were born on December 31, 2016 at 30 weeks, that's 10 weeks early! Eloise was born weighing 2lbs 15oz and 15.5in and Desmond was born weighing  3lbs 8oz and 16in.  It sure was a big surprise to parents Nicole and Derek! Desmond and Eloise were in for a bit of a fight, but they had wonderful parents, and a big sister looking out for them, so we all knew they'd pull through! 

I photographed Desmond and Eloise, and their family, while in the hospital last month, and it was an amazing experience! (If you'd like to view their hospital session, you can view the blog post HERE) After Desmond spent 39 days and Eloise spent 41 days in the hospital, both are home, are doing well and their family is now complete! I was so thrilled to be able to photograph their official newborn session. 

It was my first time photographing newborn twins, so I was a tad nervous, but excited at the same time.  I've photographed many newborns, so I knew it would be double the fun!  Mom, Nicole, mentioned their nursery is nautical themed and came up with the cutest idea!  She bought Desmond a fisherman outfit and Eloise a mermaid outfit, and boy was it adorable!  We had so much fun pulling her idea together, and posing these two sweetie pies together.  Wait until you see the results!

There are LOTS of my favorites below, I mean there are two babies!  I was sure to take a few of the brother and sister twins together, but also some individual ones as well. Desmond and Eloise are just the cutest, and slept so well for us! I spent almost four hours with them, and I probably could've spent more. As always, I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos! <3