The R Family Winter Wonderland Mini | Photography by Mallory Studio | Fall River, MA

Yesterday, I posted about my Winter Wonderland Minis!  If you missed that first post, be sure to scroll to the bottom to see more blog posts!  This year, I offer both Christmas Tree Farm Minis as well as these Winter Wonderland Minis at my rented studio space.  These minis were some of my favorites.  I had so much fun creating a winter setup with beautiful snow themed props!

Today is my second family of the day for these minis, the R family!  I met this family over the summer.  They were guests at a wedding I photographed! I love how one wedding I can meet so many people, and many end up contacting me for photos of their own.  It's a wonderful feeling to connect with so many people!  This family was so wonderful, and their two adorable little girls were so much fun to photograph!  Here are some of my favorites from their session!