M Family | Middleboro, MA

Today on the blog is the M Family!  These are brand new clients of mine, and I was stoked to meet them.  What a beautiful little family they are!  Mom chose a great location in Middleboro called Pratt Farm.  I lived in Middleboro for a short time, about 11 years ago, and even took one of my very first photo sessions at Pratt Farm!  I haven't taken any photos in the area in probably 5 years, so it was so nice to be back.  We lucked out with a great day, and the foliage was just beautiful! 

At Pratt Farm, there are lots of great trails through the woods.  We just chose at random, and happened upon some beautiful areas.  I love photographing families in lanes littered with leaves, and framed by endless trees on either side. I think it's so beautiful!  We also came upon a small lake, so it was a nice surprise to have a little bit of a different backdrop for us.

This session was so much fun, and I captured some great photos of this family.  Here are my personal favorites from their session!