Desmond & Eloise | Preemie Hospital Session

This post is about two special babies! Nicole and Derek have been long-time clients of mine. I first met them when Nicole was pregnant with her first child, Sydney. I photographed Sydney's first year of milestones, and got to know the family very well. I love this family! When Nicole told me she was pregnant again, I was stoked!  We did a fun baby announcement and gender reveal photo session.  Funny thing is, at the time we thought it was only one baby!  At the next ultra sound, where they were going to find out the gender, they found they were having a boy AND a girl! A big, wonderful shock! 

Desmond and Eloise were born on December 31, 2016. They were born 10 weeks early at 30 weeks. Eloise was born 2lbs 15oz and 15.5in and Desmond was born 3lbs 8oz and 16in.  It sure was a big surprise to parents Nicole and Derek! They were in for a bit of a fight, but they had wonderful parents, and a big sister looking out for them. 

I had just taken Nicole's maternity photos on December 17th, and she discussed the twins may make their appearance early, but she was thinking more like 34 weeks, not 30!  We had discussed me coming by the hospital to take photos of them if so, but honestly I think we both thought we had plenty of time to discuss it! 

Once I heard news of the twins early arrival, I tried making plans to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the day we set for me to go there, a big snow storm hit! With the hospital almost an hour away, we had to reschedule.  I left for vacation and finally was able to come when I returned.  

I am so glad I got this opportunity to photograph Desmond and Elosie.  I've never met preemie babies before, never mind ever photographing in a hospital.  I was a tad nervous! However, I knew that Derek and Nicole would treasure these photos for years to come.

Desmond and Eloise still have a long road ahead of them.  However, they're both doing wonderfully health-wise, and are breathing on their own!  I'll be keeping them in my thoughts as they continue to improve, and hopefully are able to go home sooner rather than later.  These two are fighters for sure. <3