Stone Family | Bird Park | Walpole, MA

I first met the Stone family in the fall of 2014.  Sarah was referred to me by a long-time client of mine.  Sarah and Jay have two boys, Andrew and Alex.  When I photographed them that fall, Alex was only 3 months old! After photographing them, Sarah and I stayed in touch and I've photographed the family every fall since then.  Not only has the Stone family become wonderful, regular clients, but Sarah and I have become good friends!  We realized we had a mutual love for animals, cats in particular, and bonded over that.  One of my cats become really ill, and sadly passed away in July of 2015.  Sarah had reached out to me during that difficult time, and was honestly a huge support for me. I'm not sure if she knows how much she helped ease my pain and stress, but I'm forever grateful for her! 

This past fall, I photographed their annual family photos at a new park.  We went to Bird Park in Walpole, and I loved it there! The foliage was perfect, and the lighting was gorgeous.  Andrew (4 years old) and Alex (2 years old),  are young boys with LOTS of energy.  I really don't know how Sarah and Jay do it, because as much fun as I always have with them, I go home exhausted, haha! They're so much fun though, and I really do have a great time photographing them. 

Here are some of my favorites from their session! 

We can't forget a photo of mom and dad! 


Sarah's mom hand made Andrew and Alex's Halloween costumes this year.  Andrew is Spiderman and Alex is Captain America.  I was blown away that these are hand-made costumes!  We did a quick costume change, so I could get some photos for their grandmother.