M Family | Colt State Park | Bristol, RI

Last Fall, I met this beautiful family for the first time. Mom had emailed me about family photos for her, her husband and two boys.  She mentioned what she was looking for, and we planned it out.  I love then new clients book me, and we instantly connect and the photos come out better than expected. This was definitely one of those sessions!

Colt State Park is one of my favorite parks in Rhode Island.  Bristol, RI is one of my favorite towns. It is so utterly adorable, and has so much historic charm.  There is a lot of shops and restaurants, and it's right on the water so it's literally a very picturesque New England coastal town.  Colt State Park is right near the main part of Bristol, so it's easy to get to and offers a great place not only for photos, but for walking around as well. 

When mom mentioned she had two young boys, I knew Colt State Park was it.  It has lots of room for the boys to run and play, and lots of pretty areas for backdrops for photos.  I love taking formals shots, but I also love lifestyle fun shots of kids having fun.  I think a great mix of the two makes for a perfect photo shoot.  It varies by each family, as some kids are too shy to venture away from mom and dad, but there are kids like this who are full of spunk and fun, so candid photos just come so easily. 

This family had perfectly coordinated outfits as well! I loved how mom made them match, yet they're all dressed differently.  The colors and patterns meshed wonderfully, and really stood out against the fall backdrop.  

This is definitely one of my most favorite sessions to date. Sessions like these make my heart so happy, and really validate that I'm truly doing what I love to do.  Below are some of my favorites from their session.  There are lots! haha, I just loved too many not to want to share them all. 

I hope you enjoy these!