Ashley | Yoga Photo Session | Dartmouth, MA

I take yoga classes at The Heron Dance Yoga & Meditation Studio in Fall River, MA.  Ashley is my amazing yoga instructor at the studio.  She really listens to her students needs, and will work on areas we request.  I always enjoy my classes with her, and only wish I could go more often, but my busy schedule doesn't allow me to!  

Not only is Ashley my yoga teacher, but after taking classes with her for a while, I found out she was a licensed massage therapist.  I've suffered from bad upper back pain for years; mainly from carrying around my heavy camera bag and the many hours I sit at my computer editing.  Unfortunately, I hunch while edit, and 8 hours or more a day of this, can reek havoc on my back. After taking some yoga classes with Ashley and she learned about my back problems, is when she informed me about her massage therapy services.  I took her up on the offer, and it has helped me amazingly!  For the first time in years, I was able to work through my crazy busy season with little to no pain.  On weekends I had weddings or long hours of sessions, I'd scheduled a massage with Ashley and she worked all of my kinks out.  Having regular massages definitely changed my life, so if you're looking for someone, I highly recommend Ashley! You can reach here through the link to the Yoga studio I included above, or HERE at her website.

After Ashley and I started seeing each other often, between yoga classes and massages, we became friends.  She learned of my photography and mentioned she needed some updated yoga photos, so we planned and scheduled a session.  I found a great new park to try out, and we went one early morning and had a blast!  This nature trail we choose was in the woods, and we got a bit lost on the way, haha, but we had so much fun, we didn't care!

I took lots of photos of Ashley, and I have many favorites, so here are some from her session!


I'm a tad jealous of Ashley's long, gorgeous red hair! Okay, maybe more than a tad! If my hair wasn't so straight and flat, it'd make me want to grow mine out again.