Love Yourself Photo Project | Boyden Park Taunton, MA

I want to introduce to you a small photo project that speaks from the heart. I photograph many, many sessions. One thing I hear a lot, from women in particular, are excuses why they don’t want to be in the photos. Those reasons are always because they don’t like something physical about themselves.

Honestly, we’ve all been there. In today’s society, women are presented and expected to look a certain way. Well, I’m done with that. I’m done with women feeling they have to look a certain way. Instead of feeding that negative energy, I wanted a way to express from my heart how I feel. I feel that every women is beautiful. We should all feel confident in ourselves. That confidence and our uniqueness is not only what makes us different, but makes us beautiful. So, the Love Yourself Photo Project came to my mind.

I put a status out asking for women to participate in a photo project. I received an overwhelming response, and women loved my idea. I wanted the women to come as natural as possible. I wanted to take a photo of them, as beautiful as they are. And then, I asked them all to write their favorite physical thing about them. I loved their responses.

I wanted this entire experience to be positive and fun. I’m so happy and grateful to these women for coming out and doing this. I did this because I want other women to start seeing the good things when they look into the mirror. I want you to stop seeing the “flaws”. Those flaws are not bad. They are what make you, YOU. They make you unique and perfectly beautiful. I want you to stop making excuses for not being in photos. Not just with me, but ANY photo. Photos are ways to capture memories. You don’t want to regret not being in those in the future. If you want family photos, get them. If you want boudoir photos, girl flaunt what you got and get them already. You want a selfie with your kids, take it. Stop thinking about the NO reasons and start thinking of the YES reasons. My goal is to be a more positive person. Not just with myself, but with others as well. Positivity is beautiful and it makes us all happier.

I hope that with this project, I can start helping women feel better about themselves. I want to prove that you really are beautiful. That you really should be happier with yourself. If I can do that, then that’s one more step to creating a more positive world.