June Beach Minis - Beaudoin Family

I am way behind on blogging, and I apologize profusely!  I've had sessions every weekend, and during the week as well.  I went on vacation for a week, and have had a session everyday since getting back!  It's been so busy here, that I've been spending my free time editing as much as I can.  So sadly, my blogging fell to the side.  However, now that I'm caught up on editing, I plan on posting lots of new blog posts!  

First up will be my June Beach Mini Sessions!  Back in mid-June I had my first of many Beach Sessions!  The first family on the blog will be the Beaudoin Family!  I first met this family in March of 2015 when I photographed little Zachary's 3 month photos!  Since then, I've photographed them more and more, including Zachary's Cake Smash!  I love when families come back to me each year.  The Beaudoins are so sweet, and I love photographing them!  I can't wait to capture more of Zachary as he grows!

The Beaudoins were the first family of my beach session this year.  We took the photos at Gooseberry Island in Horseneck Beach Reservation area, near Westport, MA.  I love this area as it's usually quiet and the sun sets right on the water! Such a perfect, beautiful spot!  We took some wonderful family photos, then proceeded to take some fun candid shots.  

Here are a few favorites from their session!