Wedding Wednesday Vendor Spotlight: Making You Glow Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry

Today on Wedding Wednesday I'm spotlighting one of my favorite local vendors, Making You Glow - Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry.  I've known owner Sarah for many, many years now. We went to high school together, and even took dance lessons at the same studio as wee little ones.

I've worked with Sarah for some styled sessions, weddings, and she's my hair-dresser!  When starting up this vendor spotlight, I knew I had to ask Sarah to be a guest one week! Without further ado, here is my interview with Sarah.


What’s your area of expertise?

Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry

What brought you to the wedding industry?

I've been a Hair Stylist for 12 years so naturally I did Wedding in every salon I worked in. In 2009 I started to take more makeup classes and expand my craft. That was it! I was hooked! I loved that I could put together a whole look for a Bride and her guests. I truly fell in love with all things Wedding! My passion and craft has continued to grow and so has my business with Weddings. Between myself and my team we have done 35 weddings this year and are already booking for 2016 and 2017! We are obsessed!!

Matthew Jason Photography

Matthew Jason Photography

What was the inspiration for your business name?

My business name is Making You Glow. It actually happened by accident. I had bought a spray tanning machine for the salon I work in and was trying to build a website. Every URL I tried was taken. BAM! was born haha! It still works after so many changes to my business :)

Who is your biggest fan?

My daughter, Kiara. She's 10 going on 25 and continuously reminds me of how wonderful am I even on those not so wonderful days.


Best piece of planning advice to a newly engaged couple:

Be organized!! Create a binder with all your Wedding details. It will help keep the "Wedding Stress" away when you can see everything clearly in one place.


Favorite moment at a wedding?

Our job usually ends right before the Bride leaves for her ceremony, therefore I always feel that our extra special moment is when we are applying her last application of lipstick and when we put her veil on. It's always emotional and makes the day feel so real for everyone there. Not gonna lie, I get emotional every single time ;)

Who has been the biggest influence in your wedding career?

I can't pinpoint an exact influence. I'm very much a sponge and tend to absorb information from everyone I meet. I take that knowledge and continue to grow my craft.

Tara Renaud Photography

Tara Renaud Photography

Where do you look for inspiration?

We tend to pull our inspiration through each Bride's Wedding theme. When we have our Design Appointment (aka hair and makeup trial) I ask the Bride to bring photo of everything. Their dress, the bridesmaid's dresses, swatches from the dresses for color, photos of their venue, etc. Our job is to make sure your Hair and Makeup are cohesive with your entire Wedding. We use pinterest A LOT! I create boards for each Bride specifically. It's actually a ton of fun!



Want to hear more about Sarah's Wedding Services?  Here is all of her information! 

Sarah Rodrigues


twitter: @makingyouglow

instagram: @makingyouglow