Ryan Avery | 8 months | Taunton, MA

I've probably mentioned it before, but I love my Grow With Me babies.  Having the opportunity to photograph babies in their first year of life, is so amazingly awesome.  Babies change SO much in that first year, it's crazy looking back over the photos and seeing the differences.  Babies also experience so many firsts - sitting up, crawling, first words, walking, etc.  My Grow With Me package is carefully scheduled so that I am able to capture as many of those firsts as possible.

I've been photographing Ryan since she was still in her mom's womb!  Starting off with maternity photos is so great, because seeing families grow is special.  Ryan is just the cutest little girl.  She was so, so good for her session as well! She's incredibly patient for one so young.   Ryan is also such a happy baby.  She never cried or got upset during her session, and gave lots of smiles for me! 

We took Ryan's photos at a local park in Taunton.  Typically, I do most of the Grow With Me sessions indoors.  However, since we've finally been experiencing warm weather, mom requested outdoor photos and I was more than happy to oblige!  The day was perfectly warm, and I got that warm, pretty light I adore.