Vanessa and Matt | Couple's Session | Arnold Arboretum Boston

Ah, Boston.  I love it so much in so many ways.  I live about an hour or so south of Boston, so I don't get up here as often as I'd like.  I've photographed many sessions in Boston, including at the Boston Public Garden.  However, I've never been able to shoot a session at the Arboretum before. I've always wanted to, as this location is just perfect.  Especially in the Spring, when everything is in bloom.  There are flowers everywhere - it's smells so wonderful walking through here! I wish Smell-O-Vision existed, because I would've had recorded the smells for you all! 

This winter in New England has been such a drag!  March is almost over, and it doesn't feel or look like Spring yet.  It's cold and dreary, and it has me thinking of spring!  Last year I photographed this session, and am dreaming about when I can go back to the Arnold Arboretum again! I'd love to photograph another engagement session or even a wedding! 

I had been looking for an opportunity for a session at the Arnold Arboretum, when I thought of a giveaway.  I really wanted a couple, one that would be fun to work with.  I could have a session at a location I love, and get to have fun with poses!  So, I posted a giveaway for a session and had a great number of entries.  For choosing a winner, I used an automated random selector online, so the winner would be totally random.  The winning couple was Vanessa and Matt! A couple I've worked with before, and enjoy so much.  I was more than thrilled!  

We planned the day, and as everything came together, I got even more excited.  Our original date we had to reschedule, because silly me booked it for Marathon Monday.  For those who don't know, it's day of the Boston Marathon! The city would be insanely busy this day, so we decided to push it back a week or two.  I'm glad we did, because not only did we luck out with a warm, beautiful day, the flowers were in full bloom!  Perfect. 

For this session, I also brought along my friend/assistant for the day, Ashley.  She took some fun behind the scenes photos for me - which I included a few in the blog for you to see! I had so much fun at this session, there are many photos for you to view.  I hope I come back here again, because it's definitely a favorite spot of mine now!

Here are some pretty photos for you to view! Please leave comments and/or share the session! :) 

arnold arboretum.jpg
I love how you can see the before and after of this shot!

I love how you can see the before and after of this shot!